Expand for my submissions

Zine idea 1.png

This design has one striking image at the top that calls relevancy into question. This hooks the reader to investigate what the subject matter below might include. The text is organized in a box format and is colored to separate subjects. This is to navigate the reader through their individual interests. Each text box provides a pithy statement in bold that dumps off into more information should it interest the reader. I seek to use a similarly eye catching image that provokes the reader to investigate its relevance. I seek to capitalize on that spark by tying in its relevance with the text beneath.

zine idea 2.png

This design encapsulates many images that, when amalgamated, form a singular shape or other image. I will utilize the same message in a different way. Instead of creating the shape of one image as a mosaic, I will use images that create a downward vector moving from left to right with text that explains the message thoroughly. This is relevant because it is symbolic of many derivations belonging to one greater goal. The symmetry as we move down will show a sign of unity among many different time periods, genres, and projects.



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