Romeo Liz Section 3 Zine Design Examples and Analysis


This design plays with typography, with a bold and prominent center word that immediately draws the reader’s attention, followed by a variety of smaller words of varying colors and boldness. The smaller words form a pyramid shape to further emphasize the main word. The piece uses mainly black and white colors, with some hints of other tones, including reds, greens, yellows, and blues. The edges of the page are slightly darker, fading into a white background.

I am interested in playing with different types of text and typography designs for my zine. I would like to mimic the one bold word followed by a plethora of smaller words, maybe doing something along the lines of “Technology” or “New Media” as my prominent word with various types of technology and new media (cell phones, laptops, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as smaller words surrounding it. My auto-ethnography focuses on how technology has sort of taken over my life, which I believe that such a design could emphasize. I also like the color scheme, with mainly black and white but hints of color here and there.


This design is very simple but effective, combing a very plain, neutral-colored background with a portion of an eye to create an eerie and almost haunting look. The background is incorporated into the shadow under the eye, further accentuating the eerie look, and the eye and skin itself are a greenish-yellow color, which go with the background and again accentuate the creepy look.

I love the simple yet striking design of this page, as well as its ability to almost “haunt” the viewer, leaving a lasting impression with the focus entirely on the eye. I would like to incorporate this same idea into my own design, incorporating a simple background with one prominent feature, perhaps using a ghostly hand with a cell phone in it. My focus of my auto-ethnography takes a sort of pessimistic stand-point on technology, which I believe could be highlighted by using this same sort of haunting design, reflecting the eeriness of the world as technology and new media take over.


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