Chamalian, Peter – Design Examples & Analysis

Satellite Magazine

Satellite magazine uses space in a very compelling way. The text does not seem to protrude from the background, nor does it seem to get lost in it. Rather, it feels like each letter is one with the subject, and they both exist in the same space comfortably. My Zine will contain many themes regarding both the online and the offline culture and how they converge inadvertently, so I would like to incorporate a similar use of text concentration that will effectively merge my two themes, yet leave them to act as their own when looked at individually.



These examples are taken from Freckled and Kiosk. I am drawn to the idea of conveying my ideas in the form of a story, and I feel that each of these images effectively do just that. Some text is quaint and complimentary, while some is loud and obnoxious. This contrast carries the reader through a visual zig-zag, a powerful tool of expression when conveying a story. I prefer this muted color palette to mirror my minimalist approach.


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