Lopez_Sarah_Examples and Analysis_10.05.16


LA CANVAS: The layout of this zine is visually satisfying to the eye. Most pages include clear and simple fonts that are easily readable, perfect proximity between images and text, as well as repetition of image placement. Some pages showcase use of overlapping text boxes on images to create more dimension along with images placed on opposite corners of two-page spreads to show more contrast. The zine uses a lot of imagery to go along with the text, which gives the reader a visual sense of what they’re about to read or what they’re reading. The images on each page are mostly the same size, using that principle of repetition to make them pleasing to look at. I’d like to include similar simple fonts in my zine, as well as the neutral color scheme of black and white, with pops of color from the images. The alignment of the text and images are so even and perfect, which is something I’d also like to accomplish for my zine.


FOTOBLUR MAGAZINE: This zine has striking imagery and simplistic text, giving it a good balance to look at. Most pages include full-length images with simple text overlay. The use of simple text doesn’t make the image look too busy or messy. One page that stood out to me was a page of text surrounding a large pull-quote placed in the center. I’d like to use something similar to that in my zine. The proximity of images to text are spaced out perfectly, clearly separating each aspect. The font used for artists’ names are the same, using the principle of repetition. The colors are neutral, making it easy for the reader to look at, creating a calming sort of feeling as they read each page. The titles of articles are in much bigger text size, distinguishing what to read first, which is something I’d like to use in my zine. Overall, this zine is simple, perfectly aligned, and clean which is the look I’d like to achieve for my project.


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