Nick Markel – Visual References


This image taken from Ninja really stuck out to me because of its use of space and focus. When I looked at it, at first glance my eyes are drawn to his face which is portrayed to be very emotionless. This begs the question, what is this man thing about right now, or how is he feeling? Is he depressed floating in this lake? Is he in a calm and euphoric peace floating there? Is he stressed out and trying to relax? This emotionless expression is perfect because it draws the readers in to wonder what is the story of this man. I would like to implement something like this into my zine because IĀ  like the idea of wonder and curiosity when reading something and looking at a cover like this. It’s not in your face. The photo seems to focus all of its attention on the man and the space around him also gives off the sense that the story focuses around him or perhaps he represents the central idea of the story.


I also like this cover which I pulled from The Big Issue which in my opinion is a complete contrast to my first image. It is the total opposite effect. This cover is very in your face and you know what the story is all about at first glance. Despite the fact that Johnny Depp is a familiar face and you can easily recognize that, if you were to throw in an image of a complete stranger using all the same visual effects and styles, I think it would still have the same effect on the viewer. They would be very interested in learning about this person. I like this visual style because of the cartoon-ish filter being used for him. It is visually pleasing to look at and there is a great contrast of colors going on that brings him closer to you. I also like the use of funky style font and how all over the place they are. It is the second thing you look for when you see the cover and it makes it fun for the consumer to read.


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