Shirky is an optimist when it comes to new media.  Shirky believes that media makes our lives easier.  Social media users can group together much easier thus negating the use for large institutions to manage groups of people.

Jenkins is an optimistic author.  Jenkins focuses on the idea of many different media outlets converging with the development of technology. Convergence relies both on the new media and technology that we use to get it from one place to another, and we are the drivers to direct the content.

Bogost believes that video games can actually make a difference in the world.  He elaborates on the idea that video games have the potential to evoke empathy, even to the point of intervention.


Carr believes that the internet is dumbing us down.  We rely on the internet for information and in the tracks of a search for simple information, we are lost in the abyss of the world wide web.

Postman focuses on the idea that media is taking over our lives whether we want it to or not and that the majority of the population is unaware of this societal and cultural shift. He says, “we are in a race between education and disaster.”  While we can use technology for good things, such as learning new things, it is too easy to become addicted to, causing a social change.

McLuhan views technology as the center of everything.  Humans have a way of creating something and then living by it. It almost seems like he has a sarcastic tone, making it difficult to understand if he is an optimist or pessimist.



Turkle has a neutral outlook on media.  While Turkle does realize that technology connects us, she also focuses on the fact that new technology disconnects us at the same time. We’re surrounded by people, but we isolote ourselves.

Manovich is neutral.  He does not seem to speak much on his views of new media as much as he knows how the formats are constantly changing.


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