1. Carr: Carr has this idea that we are caught up in the new media idea. We’re so used to looking something up online that we almost forgot how to use textbooks, and that media changed the way we think. I would consider him neutral.
  2. Postmann: I got from the Article at Postmann does not like technology very much. I would consider him a pessimist.
  3. Turkle: Turkle believes that cell phones change “not only what we do, but also who we are.” Turkle also says that the new technology “puts us in our own “bubble”. I would consider this scholar as someone who is neutral.
  4. Jenkins: I feel as if Jenkins is very interested in all forms of media and would consider him to be optimist.
  5. Shirkley: From reading Shirkley’s article, I’m getting two different views. One that the new technology is good and helpful because everyone can view it, and two that it isn’t so good because everyone can access it. He also believes that it is now all the same. I would consider him to be neutral.

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