Sarah Lopez

Intro to New Media

September 25, 2016


Scholars’ Perspectives

Bogost: Ian Bogost explains how video games almost always include characters of power or characters trying to achieve ultimate power throughout the game. People play video games to get a sense of controlling the power they gain through various obstacles. However, creators tend to overlook the idea of creating characters that are empathetic, trying to achieve certain goals for their well-being or safety. PESSIMIST


Carr: Nicholas Carr discusses in his book, The Shallows, how McLuhan’s ideal “the medium is the message” is something that still reigns true today. He mentions that with each new medium that emerges, it “molds what we see and how we see it.” In his article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” he explains how the internet may be dumbing most of society down. There was a time people could read long books or articles without an issue, but nowadays, sites like Google give us the gist of things, making it harder for us to digest long prose. PESSIMIST


Neil Postman: Neil Postman believes that television drastically changed technology and that it defines our culture. He mentions that it was foolish for people to think TV would not bring about some sort of social change, and that we should know by now that any new form of communication will come with its issues. PESSIMIST


Turkle: Sherry Turkle talks about how society relies too heavily on technology for companionship, and as it advances, we stray away from face-to-face contact with others. She believes that we have higher expectations from technology rather than people, and in order to combat this issue, we need to decrease our media usage, but not completely eradicate it. NEUTRAL


Jenkins: Henry Jenkins discusses how newer forms of media converge with older forms of media. He mentions that cellphones have become a “new” way of viewing films or other forms of media. The convergence of new and old media is basically in full motion today. OPTIMIST/NEUTRAL


Shirky: Clay Shirky explains in his book how digital media has affected other forms of existing media and society. He goes into detail about how the internet has led to the downfall of newspapers, but also doubts the professionalism of writers on the internet. He also talks about how new media has been able to keep existing forms of media running. NEUTRAL




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