Chante Figures- Inspiration Ideas


Blur-Magazine displays simple, yet elegant photos. Most of their photos were of women surrounded by different objects. The objects surrounding them however, did not take away from their beauty. I like this idea as a theme for my zine because, it helps to portray the idea I intended to convey. Media is all around us but it is not who we are. Though, in today’s era, it seems that it has become a major aspect of who we aspire to be. So much so, that we often conform to a digital world which leaves us lost and out of touch with reality. I like the simplicity of Blur Magazines photos, as well as the complicated notions lurking behind the images. screenshot-7

I also like the Doc photo magazine edition. I enjoy the mysteriousness of the articles. Each page contains a photo which is then explain in the page following. I find this technique interesting and compelling. The photos made me want to read the article that accompanied it. I hope to apply this concept to capture my audiences attention.


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