Figures_Chante_Scholar assignment_10/12/16

Mcluhan main focus was “The medium is the message”. In his argument he discussed the alternative a medium can have on its message. I would consider him a pessimist because he does not see media as being a good thing. He sees it as rather an inconvenience.

Carr would likely be optimistic about today’s technology. As she goes on to commend technology for creating a powerful search engine and helping to organize the world.

Huxleyan does not see such advance technology as a good thing. While it is convenient and helpful at times, it controls our minds and soon enough we will depend too heavily on technology.

Ian Bogost compares new media against one another. This, I would say makes him an optimist. Because, he is relating his theory to the ways of the world today. Instead of comparing it to the way the world use to be, in turn finding a downside.

Unlike the previous scholars, it seems that Shirky is neither pessimistic or optimistic. Facts are only stated about print (which has been around for ages). There isn’t much opinionated arguments stated in this article.

Jenkins appears to be more of a skeptic in this argument. He often compares a negative thing to a positive. Which gives his statement a sense of balance. Though it seems according to Jenkins the bad outweighs the good.


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