Leonardo Garcia

Intro to New Media

Scholar Perspective

1. Bogost. (NEUTRAL) Ian Bogost compares his perspective of New Media to video games. He believes that video games can have a positive effect on society. However he also mentions how they allow us to feel empathy. He describes the difference among video games where some make us feel empowered as opposed to others where the character is weak and we must help the character reach a certain level to become stronger. For that I believe he is neutral because he compares both he positive and negative in video games.

2. Carr. (PESSIMIST) Nicholas Carr’s perspective on New Media is more negative than positive. He argues how the internet has affected people’s concentration and how it’s basically taken over our lives. He thinks the internet is “dumbing us down” and that we rely on it too much. For that I believe that he is a pessimist.

3. Jenkins. (OPTIMIST) Henry Jenkins discusses how new media and old media have come together.  New and old technology converging to give us more access to media . A true optimist about media.

4. Postman. (PESSIMIST) Neil Postman believes that Television has changed dramatically since it’s inception. He thinks that television isolates in todays society isolates us and that we only see it as a form of entertainment now. That it doesn’t serve us any purpose like it once did. Even though he likes Television, I think he’s more pessimistic about it.

5. Shirky. (OPTIMIST) Clay Shirky explains how digital media has affected other forms of media. He is all for social media and how it allows us to be more efficient and gives us more access to things than any other form of media ever has before. He has an optimistic perspective on new media.

6. Turkle. (PESSIMIST) Sherry Turkle discusses that our society has become to dependent on technology. She argues that we rely too much on new media nowadays. We are glued to our phones and social media. She believes that we need to decrease our media usage. She is definitely a pessimist.


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