Scholar Assignments – Thompson, Brittany

Brittany Thompson


Intro to New Media


  1. Nicholas Carr. “The Shallows” & “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”
  • Nicholas Carr’s perspective on New Media is more towards the negative side than the positive side because he believes that the internet has fragmented our knowledge. He also argues that the uses of internet and Google have lost our main concentration on ourselves and that we look more towards the media. I believe Nicholas Carr is a pessimist.
  1. Neil Postman. “The Huxleyan Warning”
  • Neil Postman’s perspective on New Media is based mainly on television throughout the 21st He argues that even though he loves television, he feels that it isolates us from our view on the world because of what we see on television and what the media wants us to see. I think Neil Postman is neutral because he sees both the positives and negatives on New Media.
  1. Sherry Turkle. “The Flight From Conversation”
  • Sherry Turkle’s perspective on New Media is that we focus way too much on our media such as our phones, laptops, and social media like facebook and twitter. He also talks about how we focus so much on our phones that we don’t have face to face conversations like before. I think Sherry Turkle is an optimist because she doesn’t really say anything negative about media. She just focuses on the change in media.
  1. Ian Bogost. “Introduction To How To Do Things With Video Games”
  • Ian Bogost’s perspective on New Media is that gaming will become something more different than it already is. He tends to explain what videogames are and how they work. I think Bogost is neutral because he sees new media as a big impact and it continues to grow.
  1. Clay Shirky. “Here Comes Everyday”
  • Clay Shirky’s perspective on New Media is how new technologies in digital publishing and journalism have changed because of the new advances in media. He talks about how things are created and published using this new media. I think Shirky is a pessimist because he argues that digital publishing and journalism will keep changing as new media is introduced.
  1. Henry Jenkins. “Convergence Culture”
  • Henry Jenkins’ perspective on New Media is what he explains is the new media from the old media. He talks about the new things that have been created from the old things. He also brings up different cases involving new media. I think Jenkins is neutral as well because he explains the differences in media.
  1. Marshall McLuhan. “Medium Is The Message”
  • Marshall McLuhan’s’ perspective on New Media is literally the phrase “The Medium is the Message”. He explains that the medium influences how the message is perceived. I think he is neutral because he explains that the medium affects the society.
  1. Lev Manovich. “What Is New Media”
  • Manovich keeps it simple by explaining what new media is and how everything is connected. He tends to cover a lot of about different aspects of cultural software and things. I believe Manovich is an optimist because he gives us a definition on what media is and how broad the subject is.

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