Liz Romeo Section 3 Video Essay Proposal 11/1/16

New Media Video Proposal: How New Media has Affected Cooking

In my video essay, I plan to research the ways in which new media has affected cooking. I will argue that despite rises in fast food chains and quick eateries, media has actually brought people back to home cooking. I will point to resources such as Tasty—an extremely popular social media site that provides viewers with short videos of delicious looking food—and other similar sites. Additionally, I will discuss popular TV shows such as Chopped, Food Network Star, Cutthroat Kitchen, and more, in which chefs compete against each other. These “championship” shows—which are popular even among people who do not typically like food-related shows—inspire people to make their own home-cooked meals.

I may also trace the history of items such as quick TV dinners, fast food chains and their popularity, and more. Overall, I will attempt to prove that people once made almost all meals at home before moving to quick, pre-prepared foods and fast foods, and are now slowly making the progression to cooking more often at home, something that is in large part due to new media. Finally, I will point to studies that support my argument.


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