Ashley Oliver & Kristian Lewis Video Essay Proposal



TITLE: Can We Stay Healthy?


Thesis Statement:  To create a logical understanding of the fatty foods people eat daily. Fast Foods: Burgers, Pizza, Fries, Fried Chicken Fingers, Fried Chicken Sandwich. Wendy’s, McDonalds, Checkers etc.

We will talk about the unhealthy foods college students eat while trying to survive living on campus. Goals: –Display pictures of fast foods.

-Research for ingredients used in fast foods and how it causes certain parts of your body/immune system to break down. – Make Rowan executives aware of the different fast foods being advertised on campus.

– Promote healthy food initiatives.


Video: -The video will display Ashley eating fast food. She then will start to feel sick and collapse on the floor. – Images will be posted up around Ashley to show the calorie percentages of the fast foods she will be eating.





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