Title: Skating From Board to Board

Thesis: Skateboarders are inadvertently training themselves to become Track & Field athletes.

From two completely different sides of the athletics spectrum, the only thing they have in common is sharing the attribute of being a sport, right? In fact, a lot of the same bodily mechanics involved in skateboarding are the exact same ones used in the Track and Field event the Triple Jump. Skateboarders are pushing themselves in a horizontal fashion thousands of times a day while cycling their legs and then repeating this process; where in the Triple Jump, this exact same motion is applied through the three phases of the jump. Just one of the many examples, this repetition is actually conditioning the bodies of skateboarders for an entirely different category of sport.

I would do in-depth research about the physics shared in the two events and correlate them to ground my argument. I would then visually compare & contrast the two sports in-action to show how truly similar they are, and why every skateboarder has the ability to Triple Jump.


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