Title: The Ebb and Flow of Popular Opinion

Thesis: Media has a direct effect on what the plurality of Americans see, hear, and believe by covering different angles of the same news stories.

We will be researching the statistical bias in the media and how it affects popular opinion. Many news agencies are labeled either left or right leaning by the general public and are accused of manipulating their audience. We will search through TV stations and online publications to determine what kinds of issues they cover most and whether they focus on an opinionated angle. We will also target websites like Facebook and Twitter to see what kinds of topics are trending and what topics are not. This is important to new media because it is the primary source of information among the millennial generation. Many disinterested people base their opinions on the first things they see on social media and they are encouraged in their exposure to similar viewpoints rather than dissuaded by dissent. We will analyze the effects of media on the eventual outcome of the presidential election and seek to label certain publications on a fairness scale.


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